There’s nothing quite like spending the last frantic hours of a campaign on a bloated stock music site having your hopes dashed with every click of the play button. On the other hand there is also the lovely panic you feel when presenting the idea of using studio players to clients whose budgets don’t rival that of Doritos. This is where my method comes in; bridging affordability and custom quality. By working with you and your team directly throughout the creative execution, we create a unique recall that will make your spot stand out from the rest.


I have a repertoire of select, fleshed-out compositions that are ready for licensing. These tracks are ready to find their rightful home as booster rockets for your project.

Have an idea for a campaign or a reference track whose genre you are looking to harness? I’d love to get together and talk about how we can collaborate on a project!





I believe it was Russell Hammond who so eloquently said, “I dig music.” Though this is constantly overshadowed by his follow-up decree from a fan’s rooftop, it is nonetheless also my mantra.


I grew up around music in a family that was hip to the power
of melody. I picked up a guitar at 7 and have yet to put it down.
Though I expanded to other instruments, It was my habit of strumming that started my working with clients. I was working at an Ad agency and took a moment during my lunch break to strum a community guitar when a Broadcast Producer heard me and asked if I had any material I could contribute to a quick-turn TV spot. I presented some originals and started what has turned into Music By Matt Nasi, LLC. I still work with that client and have been fortunate to collaborate with a slew of others over the past 6 years writing for TV, Radio and Web campaigns.




For more insight into my other musical adventures, check out my band at  WWW.MATTNASIBAND.COM


Whether it's a stripped down acoustic vibe or an epic orchestral movement, you'll find the possibilities are endless. Check back frequently as this list is always growing. If there's any style you don't hear, I'm ALWAYS up for a challenge so drop me a line and I'll get crackin'!



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